Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Egg Baskets

How to make an Easter Egg Basket

Materials Needed:

* Balloons: any size. Larger ones for Larger Baskets, smaller ones for smaller baskets, even smaller ones for ornaments. Little ones make nice ornaments for an Easter Tree, or to put in a bowl on your table. It’s really up to you how big or small you want to make them.
* Crochet Thread: Brighter colors work best. There are even some that are multicolored which is pretty. How much you ask? It depends on how big you are making your egg/s. A small roll will probably make 2 medium sized Egg Baskets. A Large roll will make 3-4.
(Note: Don’t use yarn! Yarn doesn’t absorb the glue mixture well enough, and your basket will be flimsy and probably fall apart if you use yarn. I learned the hard way, thinking I could use thin yarn instead.)
* Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
* Elmer’s glue. I get the Gallon size at Lowes or Home Depot. It is half as much than buying it at AceMoore or Michaels.

* Embellishments: Lace, bows, feather boas, butterflies, fake flowers, pipe cleaners, pom poms, fake bunny ears…(These are just a few suggestions) Anything you think will look good to embellish your Egg basket. Use your imagination!!!


First thing you need to do is blow up the balloon. Then tie one end of the crochet thread to the top of the balloon where you tie it.

Then start wrapping it. I start from the top and go around the bottom back up to the top and back down and... up criss-crossing at the bottom.

 Then you just start wrapping in all different directions around the balloon until you have it covered pretty well, like in the pictures of mine. Then you tie off the crochet thread at the top of the balloon, leaving some extra thread for hanging the balloon up after you dip it in glue. 

Once your balloon is wrapped, you will then need to prepare an area where you will hang them to drip dry. Outside on a clothes line in the sunshine is best. Or you can rope between two trees. If you drip dry them indoors, or in your garage... say, be sure to put down some plastic, like an old table cloth or something so you don't damage any floor surface with the dripping glue.

Ok, so now you put Elmer's glue into a pan, I use those foil pans. Just make sure the pan is large enough to roll the size balloon you are using in it.
Mix hot water with the glue. You don't want it thick, but you also don't want it too watery either. In between is a good mixture. I don't have a mix ratio, I just use my own judgment.

Once you have the water mixed well with the glue, you roll your covered balloon in the mixture, making sure to cover all areas completely. Then you hang the balloon up to dry somewhere. It will take several hours in the sunshine, or longer inside, like overnight. You can speed up the process with a hair dryer if necessary.


 Once your balloon has dried to a stiff feeling, you take a needle and pop the balloon. After you pop the balloon, place the string shape on a flat surface and gently flatten the bottom so it will stand on a flat surface.

Next, cut out a circle, or an oval shape from the side of the string egg that you want to be the front of your egg basket. Be careful not to cut too far down, so you leave a lip around the bottom. After you have cut out your opening, you then cut out the balloon that is hanging inside the shape. It's ok if a little remains at the top, as you can cover this up with a bow and no one will even know. (Note: If your glue mixture was too thick, you will get some glue film on the string. If this happened, use a soft toothbrush and brush as much of that off from the inside of your egg.)

Now for the fun part: Get your hot glue gun out and ready to use. Careful not to burn your fingers when using a hot glue gun! (Believe me, it hurts!)  Now, put lace, or something (Feather boas, lace, or just flowers, or pom poms or something), around the edge of the opening you just cut out. Embellish it with flowers, butterflies, pom poms, anything you desire. Put a pretty bow on the top, unless of course you are making yours look like an Easter Bunny.

Fill with some Easter Grass and lots of fun things, like a stuffed bunny, easter candies,Chocolate bunny, eggs and so on. Have fun! The first one you make is the hardest. After that, you become more creative and a pro at making them!